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Saturday, 14/04/2012
Question 68 by: Jay Gibson
Hi Peter, At the Unity Hall Hotel 14/4/12, there appeared to be no mixer guy, no foldback. Bass player had in-ear monitor. How do you all hear yourselves clearly?? Regards Jay
Pete's Answer:
Hi Jay. There is a sound engineer at the back of the room just in front of the gaming room. Alex the bass player always has a feed of his bass rig in his ears. He plugs into a small mixer and then into the amp. Its solely for his benifit. Cheers Peter

Friday, 28/10/2011
Question 66 by: Lynne Christie
Hey Pete. Can you tell me where and when the awesome BODACIOUS COWBOYS will be performing again?
Pete's Answer:
Hi Lynne, we are doing a benefit show for Tony Azzopardi (who has just copped some cancer) we're at the UNITY HALL in BALMAIN on Monday 14th Nov. Details on the news page. Thats all we have planned at the moment. I hope you can make it. Cheers Peter

Wednesday, 31/08/2011
Question 64 by: Elise Kempler
Hi Pete, I'm a big Steely Dan fan. Unfortunately I can't join my parents at the Steely Dan concert here in September - it's during my HSC exams!! So disappointing! I actually saw them play here in 2007 which was such a great concert. I've just turned 18 and I was wondering when the Bodacious Cowboys are playing next?? Would love to be there! Thanks! P.S. I don't know if you remember - my Dad took me to one of your sound-checks a few years ago at the Basement when I couldn't get in to the real concert.
Pete's Answer:
Hi Elise, Kere the guy that runs he Bodacious Cowboys had a serious accident a few months back so we wont be doing any gigs in the near future. Sorryy about that. Cheers Peter

Monday, 10/01/2011
Question 61 by: John Mabon
pete whats the chord voicings of those magical 4 chords at the start intro of josie just before the em7 thing .cheers. john.
Pete's Answer:

Wednesday, 12/05/2010
Question 58 by: Michael O'Keefe
Hey Pete. My name is Michael. I was wondering if there is any way I can find music from your albums "Conditions Apply" and "Poindexter......"? I am a guitarist, and have fallen in love with many of your songs. You are an inspiration to me and I would love to learn your music. Thank you! M
Pete's Answer:
Hey Michael, unfortunately i don't have any transcriptions for those tunes. I have been trying to find a transcriber who might like the job but to no avail. Watch this space though. I'll be launching the new website very soon. There are 2 new albums in the wings and i plan to have them available as backing tracks with TAB as well. Good to see you've signed up to the mailing list. Ill keep you informed. In the meantime you can keep in touch with me via; FACEBOOK; JAPAN Cheers Peter

Monday, 04/01/2010
Question 56 by: Kerrin Begaud
cont'd stuff. Paul B never did any of it and is totally self taught but how important do you think it is to do AMEB type exams etc. She wld just be learning to play and sing along, I don't see her as a guitar virtuoso like you but who am i to say. what gigs are you doing lately? Kerrin
Pete's Answer:
Hey Kerrin, nice to hear from you. First of all you Brother Paul is the most amazing singer so it must just be in his genes or something. But as for me, the AMEB stuff was a brilliant way to understand the workings of the labyrinth of music. There are 2 ways to go about it....dont learn the rules and just see what happens or learn the rules and experiment by breaking them. There is no right way. It just depends on who you are and how you work. I would suggest at 11yrs old she you give her all the tools she needs (like AMEB of similar) and encourage her to just learn songs find out what it is about music she likes/loves. Still at the Bridge on Sundays. Hope to see you at one soon (you can bring kids to that so bring her down and say hello) ...(ohh and i was only at the Con for 1 year of a 2 yr Jazz Diploma course in '86...Probably why i still cant play Jazz) Cheers Peter

Tuesday, 05/05/2009
Question 49 by: Brad Maschmedt
G'day Pete, Hope you are keeping well. Further to my Guitar Lesson with you just after the Freeway Gig about a year ago,you got me thinking about changing my picki-ups in my Ibanez 770.What Dimarzio Paf humbuckers would you recommend for bridge& neck/what single type of p/up for the middle?Thanks
Pete's Answer:
Hey Brad, I love the PAF Pro's. Cant go past 'em. Hope all is well mate Cheers Peter

Wednesday, 08/04/2009
Question 47 by: YUKITOMO HANADA
In Japanese local news show, I found out that one of your tunes called"Seattle Dance" is used as BGM. And I really love that tune. Is there any way I can obtain a CD with that tune in it?
Pete's Answer:
Hi Yukitomo, Seattle Dance is from a production/library CD i did for ZOMBA who were bought out by BMG. The album was called GUITAR IN THE RAW 1. There is also GUITAR IN THE RAW 2. And many others. However, i have had a look for the CD and cant find it anywhere. If i do come across it i will forward it onto you. Unfortunately you cant purchase the CDs as they are strictly for production houses etc. I am coming to Tokyo in August so if you are over there i hope we can meet up. Cheers Peter

Friday, 05/12/2008
Question 45 by: Cass
where can i find a copy of your album? thanks :)
Pete's Answer:
Hi Cass, if you go to my homepage and click on the picture of the CD you can then send me an email and i can send you a copy ....or you can buy it at Or Itunes. Or come to one of my gigs. Thanks Pete

Monday, 17/11/2008
Question 44 by: Lori Chacko
Hey babe do you still do the sunday gig if so i will come this sunday i haver friends here from melbourne who would love it Peace lori chacko what time 0410 255 874
Pete's Answer:
Hey Lori, yes we are still there...come down for a sing. We start at 3.30 go till 7pm. See ya there. Pete

Thursday, 13/11/2008
Question 43 by: Steve Wood
Hello Peter, I'm wondering if Current Projects is going to be updated soon?? best regards Steve
Pete's Answer:
Hi Steve, yes i promise to get onto it in the near future....i have so much going on i need someone full-time to keep the site updated...want a job? Cheers Pete

Thursday, 30/10/2008
Question 42 by: Patrick Alessi
Hello Pete, I saw you at JS gig at Enmore and thought you were amazing. I have been playing for 12 years and taken odd lesson here and there but have not found a teacher i felt comfortable with would you be so kind to recommend me one. Thanks for being true to the music and i
Pete's Answer:
Hi Patrick, what level are you at? Do you play in bands or is guitar a hobby? Let me know a bit more about yourself and i can try recommend someone.... You can email me at Cheers Pete

Monday, 01/09/2008
Question 41 by: Mark Grovenor
Hey Peter, regular audience member at the Bridge and went to the Satriani concert -well done mate! Can you tell me the line up for the Zep show? My friend said he saw you and Dario on Kerri-Anne!! Who else is playing with you? Looking forward to seeing it. Cheers, Mark.
Pete's Answer:
Hey Mark, the band is HOT!!!!! Joseph Calderazo - GUITAR Gordon Ritmeister - DRUMS Dario Bortolin - BASS Then theres Steve Balbi, Danny Marx Young, Amanda Baker, Zkye, Simon Mellie and a 3 or 4 piece string section. You'll love it a whole lotta! Cheers Pete

Friday, 29/08/2008
Question 40 by: Malcolm Smith
Me again. the guy playing rhythm for you at the Satch concerts... during the show you said his name and who he played with. Who is he and who does he play with? He didn't seem too bad.
Pete's Answer:
Ohh Chris Jones. He's a mutha! He also plays in Pyrothian. (Alicia's boyfriend....but i wont tell him if you dont!!!) Cheers Pete

Friday, 29/08/2008
Question 39 by: Malcolm Smith
Hi Pete, I don't have a question, but, I meet you at the second Satriani concert in Sydney(saw you at both). You signed my cd and posed for a photo. The girl that took our photo that was working at your merchandise stall was hot. Oh! love your work also.
Pete's Answer:
Hey Malcolm, that was Alicia. She sings with Pyrothian. Yes, she's hot alright! Cheers Pete

Sunday, 17/08/2008
Question 38 by: Joel Spiteri
hi Pete, Your performance at the Joe Satriani concert was amazing. I'm just curious to know - where did you study music? (university etc.) thanks.
Pete's Answer:
Hey Joel, well i didn't do a university as such, but i did take lessons from an amazing teacher named Vince Lombardo (he still teaches and plays around town) and i also took musicianship classes at the music school where he taught. I did up to 8th grade AMEB Musicianship. Thats was around '71 to '74. In '86 i went to the Con and did one year of a 2 year Jazz Diploma course. But i got too busy and started touring and couldn't finish the 2nd year. (hence my bad jazz attire !!!). I do however recommend doing some sort of course. Not necessarily only for the learning but for the networking also. Gaining musical friends early is very important. The more the merrier! Cheers Pete

Wednesday, 06/08/2008
Question 37 by: Greg Wills
Peter, I went to the Basement for the econd time on Saturday night to see the Cowboys & wanted to say I was for a second time delighted with the show & blown away by your playing (& I play).It must be the best kept music secret & a stunner.
Pete's Answer:
Thanks Greg, Please come and say hello next time. Cheers Pete

Friday, 01/02/2008
Question 36 by: Anaa Nugen
What do i have on
Pete's Answer:
Nothing? A birthday? Make-up? The radio?

Friday, 02/11/2007
Question 32 by: Ross Tierney
Hello Pete, huge fan of your work, thankyou. Your playing of the Dan is a joy to see and hear and so much fun. Can u advise where I can catch a gig or list to see u and or the Cowboys are playing next. My 11yo. son is a big dan fan but I cant get him into pubs. Thanks.
Pete's Answer:
Hey Ross, thanks mate. Yes, bummer about not doing an all ages gig. Our gigs are few and far between but we are usually at the Basement twice a year. Check out my gigs page or Cheers Pete

Monday, 01/10/2007
Question 31 by: Martin Aivazian
Hi Pete, hope all is well, love your guitar playing, cd etc..... who do you use as your guitar tech.for basic setups to total fret work and pickups?
Pete's Answer:
Hey Martin, I use LESTEK for the smaller jobs and FRANK GRUBISA for the bigger ones like re-fretting etc. Email me and ill send you their numbers. Cheers Pete

Monday, 24/09/2007
Question 30 by: Michael Davis
Hey Peter, my father has been raving about you for 2 years ever since he started going to the Zeppelin nights at the basement. After just turning 18, I went along to last Friday’s show and it was an amazing night! I was very impressed with the overall performance of all the musicians but as a guitarist myself I was absolutely blown away by your playing and tone! You must have had one of the best lead tones I have ever heard in my life and I was wondering which pickups u have installed in your Ibanez Floral Jem? The stock Dimarzio Paf pros? Or have u changed them since?
Pete's Answer:
Hey Michael, thanks for the message mate. Well the JEM is standard with PAF Pros. The funny thing is...and this may hurt....that afternoon i accidentally trod on the neck of my floral favorite and snapped it and bent the truss rod. So i was using the white one which is good but not the same as the floral. Anyway its getting repaired. I think the main thing about tone is the amp. I don't use any distortion pedals. The H&K has 6 channels to play with. Anyway, come say hi if you get to another gig. Cheers Pete

Monday, 06/08/2007
Question 28 by: Henderson Kid
Peter I just cannot believe and comprehend and understand it and I am in total and utter shock and also in disbelief!!!! It does not make any sense to me whatsoever as to why on earth you would want to block me commenting on your video!!!! I am asking you very nicely and politely!!!!
Pete's Answer:
If you would like to send me your email address i will gladly reply and explain. Peter

Tuesday, 29/08/2006
Question 20 by: John
Only just heard about your group today (I have been living under a rock); When and where is next gig so i can book it into calendar?
Pete's Answer:
Hi John...its ok. Ive been living under the influence of ROCK for ages! I have a Sunday residency at the BRIDGE in Rozelle from 3.30 to 7pm. Great band and great fun. Hope to see you there. Come and say hi ok! Pete My othersite has a lot more info on it nowdays.

Monday, 24/07/2006
Question 16 by: Arnoud Van Der Schouw
Hi Pete, I've seen your awesome performance with the Bodacious Cowboys @ the Basement in the beginning of June. I'm a huge fan of Steely Dan and I was wondering if this was a one-off gig, or do you play more often tribute to S.D. with the Bodacious Cowboys? Plans to play in New Zealand? Cheers!
Pete's Answer:
Hey Arnoud, well we do the gig a few time a year. The next gig is at the BASEMENT on the 18th of August. It packs out pretty quick so if you want to come along you outa book soon. NZ is beatufull and i used to tour there a LOT! Id love to go back but have no imediate plans. Anyway, thanks for the message. Cheers Pete

Sunday, 23/07/2006
Question 15 by: Lou And Brenda Van Der Vliet
What was the 2nd last Steely Dan track you played @ Soapbox with Bodacious Cowboys, ie the one before the encore. The duo with Rex was awsome. CD is great.
Pete's Answer:
Hey Lou and Brenda, im so glad you like the CD. (just do I). That song was KID CHARLEMAIGNE off The Royal Scam. Its an amazing solo and we try to do it justice by playing it note for note (however we often add or subtract a few more that we oughta!!) Hope see you again soon. Keep intouch. Pete

Saturday, 22/07/2006
Question 14 by: Allison P
Hi Peter, I have seen and met you at The Bridge a couple of times and perused your website today. You are an amazing artist and entertainer. Professional and sweet at the same time. I am sorry to hear your mum has been unwell but happy to hear she has been blessed with a beautiful son. Take care.
Pete's Answer:
aww thanks Alison. Things are better now she's out of hospital. Its been a total change for her...and me. But change is the only contsant in this universe. I heard a great saying once. "there is only ONE thing that Doesn't change....everything else is in constant change......and that is the statement "EVERYTHING CHANGES". Hope to see you at the Bridge again soon....Thanks for your kind words and thoughts. Pete

Sunday, 16/07/2006
Question 13 by: Nicky Kurta
When are you doing another clinic?
Pete's Answer:
Hey Nicky, i have nothing planned at the moment. It is about time i did another huh! If and when i set something up, ill let you know ok. Hey, have a look at... Cheers Pete

Monday, 22/05/2006
Question 12 by: Pete
Cult Of Personality
Pete's Answer:

Monday, 22/05/2006
Question 10 by: Nathan Gliddon
Hi Pete, saw you guys playing at the Bridge yesterday, really fantastic. I Have to learn a heap of covers for a new band I'm playing with...What is your approach to learning and memorising songs for performance? Cheers
Pete's Answer:
Because I do do much of this, I have to write out charts. A kind of roadmap if you like. Most of the bands I play with don't rehearse, so we are relying on each other to have learnt the song. A chart is a sure way of reaching the end together. I usually listen to the song once and find the riffs or lines that need to be played. If I can write it out without a guitar in my hands, and use my ear, its a bonus. Otherwise I loop the riffs or sections on my computer and learn them that way. Then I write out a chart and play through it. If I have a show I cant use charts in (very rare) I listen to the songs in my car over and over so they leave an imprint in my mind. I've included a few charts. "Put Yourself In My Place" has enough information on it to get me by. It has the chords and some single lines. Repeats and accents. "Cult Of Personality" shows the main riffs and names them "Riff 1" and "Riff 2". They are repeated throughout the piece and I need only be reminded which one is played where. This chart shows how I condense information..... Any questions on this are welcomed here on the Q&A page. Cheers Pete

Tuesday, 14/03/2006
Question 9 by: Chloe And Allan De Clifford
When's you next gig....? Is there a guest list??
Pete's Answer:
ummm! The next gig is Sundays at the Bridge in Rozelle. There is no guest list. Its only $5.

Monday, 19/12/2005
Question 8 by: Mick Gallagher
Saw you playing at Rozelle Pete. I remember you from the old Rock Music days at Bankstown and didn't think you could get much better than then as you were already a legend. Totally amazing mate, will definitely check it out again with friends next time I'm in Sydney.
Pete's Answer:
Aww Geez. Thanks Mick. They were great times (although i didnt get to eat much) at Bankstown Rock Music. Come and say hello next time and ill buy you a beer or 3. Cheers Pete

Thursday, 03/11/2005
Question 6 by: Colin Grgic
couple o' questions for ya pete: umm... first of all, what tunings are on the songs (on your album) Acceptualisation (i think thats how you spell it) conditions apply and wingnut. 2) umm have you ever play a Jackson DK1 Dinky? do you think they are noisy? you need more room on this Question partdude
Pete's Answer:
G'day Collin. Acceptualisation is normal tuning in C# min. Ive never played a DK1. What sort of problems are you having with it. Too noisy?

Sunday, 23/10/2005
Question 4 by: Peter Arndell @
Will we ever get to hear you play Glue songs again ? I listen to the Glue recordings we have made in clinic & concert all the time. P.S.P. is one of my favourite fusion tunes of all time! I'm sure there are lots of others out there who want to hear them. From a very sad Glue fan !
Pete's Answer:
Hi Peter. Nope...well maybe one day. No immediate plans.

Monday, 25/07/2005
Question 2 by: Tony Lenihan
Hi Pete, What ever happened to Glue. I used to go down to the harbourside Brasserie and hear you guys. It was my favourite band of all time. Great songs nad everyone could really tear it up!! Those wI noticed you don't mention Glue anywhere on ur site. Did you guys have a fight? Love your work. Tony
Pete's Answer:
Hi Tony, long story. We did record an album. I engineered, mixed and mastered it and it sounds fantastic with some amazing playing on it. However the bass player and keyboard player thought it sounded like "shit"... was their exact words. So I shelved it. It wont be released. There is no 'apparent' animosity between us all. It was just the best option to put it to bed and continue other projects. Hence the completion of 'Conditions Apply'. It's a great pity, as it was a great band and we wrote some great tunes. Anyway, I'm working on my next album and recording with DRIVE (the band that plays every Sunday at the Bridge Hotel in Rozelle). I'm more focused on my rock playing at the moment. I was never much of a fusion player. Cheers and thanks for your mail. Pete