Pete's Clinic Pointers

The following is the handout Peter gives to everyone who attends his clinics. The headings are what he talks about and do need some explanation. Please feel free to email him with any questions...

Throughout my career people have constantly reminded me of my positive attitude towards this sometimes fickle business of music. Australia, let alone the music business itself, is relatively small compared to say, America and Europe. Although size itself doesn’t matter, in such a small network, one has to remain diligent, humble and honest to be able to make a good living out of this tiny incestuous business.

We have to be very careful of what we say, do and think. I have seen many a great player fall into obscurity due only to his BAD attitude, or his negative and over-opinionated mouth.

Attitude is what we are talking about here. What is it? What is the difference between a good and bad one? How do we get the appropriate attitude and then maintain it?

In the pages to follow, I have outlined some of the crucial concepts that have helped me and continues to allow me to make a better than good living out of music.

'Impossible', you say? I know it seems that very few musicians make a good living out of playing their instruments, but that is all I have done for the last 20 odd years, and I plan to do so for the rest of my life. There are a lot of people (not necessarily musicians) who make a LOT of money out of the music business. And that's ok too. But we, as musicians have to regain a kind of confidence and professionalism that we seem to have lost due to our negative beliefs and judgements.

What needs to follow is a re-evaluation of our approach to our work/career. We need to establish a more abundant attitude towards our ourselves and others. By that I mean that there IS plenty of work out there, (and don't be fooled by the general consensus) and plenty to share around - to the right people. But we have to also have to change our views on the way we perform our duties, the way we present ourselves as, not only musicians, but as professionals.

What you are about to read is an almost spiritual approach on "How to make a Better than Good Living as a Musician".

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