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Sunday, 23/02/2014
Entry Number: 1552
Entry by: Neil Adamson
Hello Peter, Had a great time during my first visit to The Bridge yesterday. A friend had been on at me for weeks to come along. Particularly enjoyed \\\'Barracuda\\\'. I saw The Boss on Wednesday so two great gigs in one week. Love your work. Best wishes. N E I L

Saturday, 07/09/2013
Entry Number: 1551
Entry by: Sandra Newman
Hey Pete - thoroughly enjoyed evening at Brass Monkey last night! Thanks so much for a fun, happy and generous performance. Will definitely come along again when next you're in town. Cheers, Sandra

Friday, 26/04/2013
Entry Number: 1550
Entry by: Grant Chellew
Hey Peter, Awesome performance by you and the other kids at The Basement last night. Very inspirational. I know how much effort goes into being able to play and perform like that. Much appreciated. Just loved observing your passion and enjoyment. Grant "The best guitar player you have never seen"

Sunday, 21/04/2013
Entry Number: 1549
Entry by: Dave & Lea Eyre
we really enjoyed the trio + at lozott's hope I spelt that ok

Wednesday, 20/06/2012
Entry Number: 1548
Entry by: Rick Parrott
Peter, a long time ago at a place called Rock Music at Bankstown you gave me some guitar lessons... I have only ever done bits with my music, but you have inspired a love for music and writing to this day! I find myself teaching friends and still go back to those lessons and notes I treasure!

Thursday, 03/05/2012
Entry Number: 1547
Entry by: Joshua Wilson
Hey mate i have been going to the bridge for a while now and i must say, if i could find a better/groovier guitarist i could n\\\'t\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t. you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'re music MOVES soul. DEEP PURPLE, you do it so well!!!

Thursday, 01/03/2012
Entry Number: 1546
Entry by: Stefan Mitchell
Loving having you and Beatiq on the show each week, mate - you guys nail it every single time!! See you on the tellie Stefan - Weekend Sunrise,

Friday, 14/10/2011
Entry Number: 1545
Entry by: Jefferson Robinson
Or even better - Jam on \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Jungle Nutts\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' or \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Rocks on the Rocks\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' - or any of your most recent. Cheers Peter. Enjoy your birthday gig at the basement. I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll be there watchin\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' too.

Friday, 14/10/2011
Entry Number: 1544
Entry by: Jeff Robbo
G'day Pete, Robbo here.( relax) Just quickly; My mate Johnny Holt (Holty) from Cronulla turned 60 this year (11October); His eldest son Dane bought family tickets to your Basement show for your 51st birthday.( me excluded) Now heres the pitch; ( be patient mate - I know it soundin' a bit suss!!) I play guitar - see here at soundcloud with Holty and me; 'Unchain My Art" - is me and John (Holty) - Me guitars and John on organ, bass and drum machine.. the other two 'Shark Taco in Prague' tracks - is just me pretending to be musical with Garageband.....I love it. I sing. ( apparently) Would you consider a 6.5minute jam with me (unannounced prior) at your 51st basement gig, just to surprise Holty with not only you and me playing for 6.5 mins, but for you as well. ( Why,,,, is a good question.)(( Not sure as to why?)) I'm goin to your gig regardless - but Holty does not know that. Maybe a jam with something like - 'Further on up the road' - similar to Joe Bonnamassa's versions??( Clapton can f--k off) see here - Happy 51st Peter. May Poindexter be your soul mate. ( and that funky jap chick nibble your ear always) I l like many, love your playing Peter and the Poindexter Jap chick thingy........ CD.( Not sure about the sexuality thing but hey!!) Cheers Robbo. Holty & I attended the Brass Monkey nights.( Maybe a slight chance you remember) No pressure. I actually still use the free/giveaway poindexter guitarpick from that night. (to scratch with) Regardless - have a great gig Pete. Will toss you a slice of pizza. R o b b o M: 0412 621 079

Sunday, 12/06/2011
Entry Number: 1543
Entry by: Evelyn Carstens
What a great way to spend a wet sunday over the long weekend - almost 7 hours of the best music. I bought 12 friends along and everyone was hooked! Fab music and amazing singers, have very sore feet today.....

Tuesday, 28/09/2010
Entry Number: 1009
Entry by: Paul Robertson
Hey pete enjoyed last sat nite when you played a fantastic evening at the basement with the bodacious cowboys....thanx for a blast of a nite of s/dan music....will definitely get across to the bridge one sunday cheers !

Wednesday, 12/05/2010
Entry Number: 306
Entry by: Michael O'Keefe
Oh my god pete. I saw you live in '08 when you played with Satriani. I think you are phenomenal! I am too a guitarist and would love to play some of your songs, but can not find music anywhere! I am particularly keen on "Rocket Man", "Champions Theme", "Conditions Apply", "The Genius Sex Act(all)

Monday, 22/02/2010
Entry Number: 305
Entry by: Lisa Cullen
Hi Pete, i am a singer adn i would love to sometime do some singing with you and if you could give me some wise tips in the Muisc Field Keep safe. lisa

Tuesday, 09/02/2010
Entry Number: 304
Entry by: Chia
Goodness me, Pete. I have just looked all through this website. What a national treasure you are. xo

Monday, 07/12/2009
Entry Number: 302
Entry by: Peter Frith
Awesome gig at the basement last monday . The best yet Pete. Seems you are getting better with age . Oh , and that base guitarist that night wow . Happy 40 years .......Frithy

Wednesday, 02/12/2009
Entry Number: 301
Entry by: Cass Sharp
Hi.You're an inspiration for me. I'm hoping to play one of your songs as a HSC piece next year.i was wondering if maybe you could mentor me or something via the email above, if that's okay? Also, is Poindexter available on iTunes? I know most palces don't have it. Any tips would be helpful. Thanks.

Tuesday, 20/10/2009
Entry Number: 297
Entry by: John & June Sawyer
Pete, do you recall John & John, we are friends of Vics that met you at Rosselle on the Sunday arvo gigs with Loise. Later met you in Brisbane with RF. Glad to see you are still living your dream and doing so well. God I wish we lived in Sydney. Good Luck John & June Sawyer.

Sunday, 04/10/2009
Entry Number: 296
Entry by: Lilly Belle
Hi Peter Lovely to meet you today! Amazing music that mesmerized the soul! Nerys, Laurel and I had a ball! Stay happy and stay real! LIL

Monday, 21/09/2009
Entry Number: 293
Entry by: Margaret Shaw
Hi there, it was great to see you last Sat at Gosford. Would have like to have more time to chat with you. Maybe I'll get a chance to chat when I can get to the Bridge Hotel, one weekend. A man with such passion for music, is a man I'd like to get to know. Hope to see you play again soon.

Monday, 29/06/2009
Entry Number: 223
Entry by: Luke Bonner
Like your music - very cool. Clint (Braddick) introduced me - I have him to thank. Hope to see you live one day. Regards, Luke

Friday, 28/11/2008
Entry Number: 122
Entry by: Cass
i went to an open day at jmc, and a guy called kemo told me to look you up, cause i want to do session when i'm older. Would you reccomend JMC? please advise, my mum would like to know all my options. Thanks. P.S why can't i find a copy of poindexter anywhere? it's pissing me off.

Saturday, 04/10/2008
Entry Number: 95
Entry by: LOLA(Tina)
Hello Petee sweetie! Been a while since I last saw you .. All is good with me in Brisbane ,hope everything is well with you too...From what I can see by your new CD you're still firing on all cilinders and wowwing everyone as only you can do.. Take care and big hugs and a smooch! Teeee! xx

Thursday, 17/07/2008
Entry Number: 79
Entry by: Jim Douglas

Wednesday, 16/07/2008
Entry Number: 78
Entry by: Phil Nixon
Hi Peter, Really such a joy to see you playing last night in front of JS. (15th Jul, Enmore). Spirit, Soul, body, all very much affected, very very inspiring indeed is your channelling of universal consciousness Warm wishes Phil

Tuesday, 15/07/2008
Entry Number: 77
Entry by: Pejhman Keshvardoust
Hey, I saw you supporting Satriani at the Enmore on the 14th. You signed my guitar :). Your set was awesome. You are an incredible guitarist. I tried listening on Myspace before the show but your music on Myspace never seems to want to work with my computer. I was blown away at the show. Will be buying the albums when I start work again. Here's to one day thinking YOUR supporting act has an awesome guitarist for me to gawk at. Cheers, Pej.

Sunday, 29/06/2008
Entry Number: 75
Entry by: Ash Rex
I guest read over your site. I love your positive attitude to life.

Wednesday, 12/03/2008
Entry Number: 73
Entry by: Dii Solomon
Hey there gorgeous- coming down to the Brass Monkey tomoz- just love to be a punter!! Di XX

Saturday, 02/02/2008
Entry Number: 71
Entry by: James Garcia
Dear Pete, Thanks for a very entertaining evening last Tuesday at the Basement. Your band was so tight and who was that other dude on lead guitar? He was awesome. Good to see my mate, Vincent, up onstage with you. Thanks, James G

Sunday, 04/11/2007
Entry Number: 70
Entry by: Pam Gray
Pam and Lorette and friends enjoyed a great afernoon at the Bridge 4th November. Thankyou, why don't you come out to the Albion at Parra, only takes 20 mins from Goulburn St, Monday night 17 Dec- and show us your stuff. cheers L and P

Tuesday, 16/10/2007
Entry Number: 69
Entry by: Paul Creedon
Great BC gig at the Basement last Saturday night (13/10/07). You and Rex had some great moments that for any Dan fan give you chills. That was my third BC gig and you guys have always delivered. Please pass oh my complements to the rest of the Cowboys - particularly the cute female vocalists! Cheers

Tuesday, 28/08/2007
Entry Number: 68
Entry by: Stuart Gordon
just learnt zappa plays zappa are playing enmore 3/12/07 - hope to see you there up front - ps: yolanda goes off - hope natashas voice is better next week though - i had a few months away from the bridge but it was great to be back & see your brilliance yet again. cheers stu

Saturday, 16/06/2007
Entry Number: 67
Entry by: Jochem Akkermans
mmm, got your website changed? never seen this part before. good luck with what ever keeps you busy and happy jochem

Tuesday, 12/06/2007
Entry Number: 66
Entry by: Nick Houen
Saw you at the Jazz & Blues Festival at Darling Harbour yesterday with Jim Kelly in the La La Land Project. Well, that certainly was a revelation! You are an awesome talent - up there with the best. I'd like to see you try understated as well as flashy - you don't have to prove a thing.

Wednesday, 07/02/2007
Entry Number: 65
Entry by: Darko Zoric
I'll never forget a night out at the Croatian Club at Punchbowl around 10 years ago when a Croatian singer by the name of Bebek was performing. That's where I discovered Peter Northcote for the first time. You simply stole the show. Your a legend.

Friday, 22/12/2006
Entry Number: 64
Entry by: Claude Corry
How are you mate Ive been trying to get down the bridge hotel to see you play maybe in the new year. Ive been writing songs and have a large collection of them now. I love drop d tuning and open d as well as normal tuning. Id love you to have a listen some time. See you in the new year. Claude

Thursday, 21/12/2006
Entry Number: 63
Entry by: Danny Carr
pete,i have been busy,procrastinating! it was so good to see you after so many years, being your old mentor,i am so proud of what you have manage to achieve. not surprised though. what ever happened to mick toth,allan wade,frank,dave ray ect. cant believe you have,nt heard of amanda marshall

Thursday, 21/12/2006
Entry Number: 62
Entry by: Danny Carr
dude,that look is pure zoolander...!rrrrrr! sharp riffs, tight squalls,poised inner throw. baby,you,ve got the world at your hands..................shake that thing till it hurts........yo!

Monday, 11/12/2006
Entry Number: 61
Entry by: Ken Manley
...Hi peter..We were introduced to DRIVE by the boys at downtown music.We just adore the musicianship and particularly your beautiful precise guitar.We hope the band continues into 07.We're addicted and try to make it most sundays.Maybe you could >the door price a little..good luck

Friday, 08/12/2006
Entry Number: 60
Entry by: Williamson Trent
Your the dude , dude. Great site love your earlier work !!!! Fight the powers that be. Your a true pro !!! Cheers Trent

Friday, 15/09/2006
Entry Number: 59
Entry by: The Divine Miss White
Simply superb...

Friday, 01/09/2006
Entry Number: 58
Entry by: Mister Incredible
cool website astroboy. see u at the bridge. cheers Dr Elephant clip clop clip clop clip clop !!

Friday, 24/02/2006
Entry Number: 57
Entry by: Peter, Roseina & Family.
Hi Pete, Thinking of you! Please send our love to your Mum. Peter, Roseina & Family xxxxxxx ooooooo

Friday, 10/02/2006
Entry Number: 56
Entry by: Paul Najar
Hi Pete. Really just having my first good look around your site. Well done. There's a lot of good stuff here. I had no idea about your mum. This would have been going on when we were doing the Pink Floyd thing. You're such a pro! I'm sending the positive vibes.... Also, I could not get any of your mp3's or video to work browsing in Safari on OSX... Love & best wishes... PN

Tuesday, 07/02/2006
Entry Number: 55
Entry by: Warren Redback
Pete, re your last blog entry...There is ONLY love, and there is a lot of it around YOU. Stick to your guns, and maybe find some quiet and let it all in. Many of our thoughts are with you and your Mum. 3 little thoughts : Love VS Fear Ego VS Truth Everything is temporary Maaaaaate. W

Wednesday, 18/01/2006
Entry Number: 54
Entry by: Jeff Robbo
OK - I saw the live arvo at Rozelle last Sunday- 15th Jan.>> Here's my suggestions;(for what it's worth) - 'Back to the wall' 'Punxsie' Yep - Mark McEntee & Christina Amplett; I reckon Drive could rip them up extra hard and extra well; Need more toms in ya mix; Less white: Cheers Peter.

Sunday, 18/12/2005
Entry Number: 51
Entry by: George Szytko
thanks for the pic and thanks for the drink and thanks for playing music how its supposed to be what happened to enter sandman?

Friday, 16/12/2005
Entry Number: 50
Entry by: Jeff ROBBO
Played your CD heaps; To death actually: Almost sick of it - which means I've just about mentally transcribed every note - If only I knew how. It's a choice effort Peter. An excellent fabric of songs & styles; I hear many influences in your playing - You're a great player.

Thursday, 03/11/2005
Entry Number: 49
Entry by: Colin Grgic
I would like to see a G3 with Pete, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai... THAT WOULD RULE!!!

Thursday, 01/09/2005
Entry Number: 46
Entry by: Peter Bailey
Just wanted to let you know that there seems to be a problem with the Photo Gallery. There are several photos where you don't come across as gay enough. Certainly gay, but nowhere NEAR enough. I think it may simply be a lighting issue but i assumed you want to know. Thank you for your time

Wednesday, 27/07/2005
Entry Number: 45
Entry by: Trish The Dish
Pretty impressive Pete!!! Look forward to seeing you at downtown Balmain on Sunday! Cheers, Trish x

Monday, 18/07/2005
Entry Number: 43
Entry by: Grace
What a great website! You are BIG than I imagined. You rock!!!

Thursday, 14/07/2005
Entry Number: 42
Entry by: Alicia MacArthur
Pete, congrats on an amazing cd launch @ The Basement. It was an awesome night and man, do you wail ! ;) I look forward to seeing you at more gigs.. keep it, up Mister :D

Wednesday, 06/07/2005
Entry Number: 40
Entry by: Dave Lee
Peter, saw you for the first time at the Bridge on sunday. You're f###### great! Who's that sexy blonde? Dave

Friday, 01/07/2005
Entry Number: 39
Entry by: Deb
You guys Rocked at Heaven in Adelaide last night! What a great tight band!!! Of course YOU were the star of the stage Pete XXX Deb

Monday, 20/06/2005
Entry Number: 37
Entry by: Tiggy
woo hoooooo - bee-yuuuu-tiful site! all the best for the CD launch {:O)

Tuesday, 14/06/2005
Entry Number: 35
Entry by: Dadhichi Toth
I think you are simply the nicest alien sex god I've met Regards Dadhichi

Friday, 10/06/2005
Entry Number: 33
Entry by: Bill Zamagias
PETE of AUSTRALIA'S FINEST GUITARISTS...VERY TRUE but It should of the WORLD'S FINEST GUITARISTS. Website looks great. I will be visiting regularly. Mate. good to see you're kickin' arse and I look forward to catching up soon.

Tuesday, 07/06/2005
Entry Number: 32
Entry by: Adam Matijasevic
ONYA NORTHY!!!!!!!!! Thanks for doing up the site! - Looks a little too sexy though!!!

Tuesday, 07/06/2005
Entry Number: 31
Entry by: Ben Cripps
Hi Peter, the website looks great. Good Work. Rock On Bro!!

Tuesday, 07/06/2005
Entry Number: 30
Entry by: Jill A
The site? Definitely 'in the zone...' Well done Pete & Libby.... plus a bonus - 21st C gig info... Sorry - couldn't resist.

Monday, 06/06/2005
Entry Number: 29
Entry by: Clint Braddick
Hey Bro, great site and about time too. I look forward to working with you on the cd launch.

Monday, 06/06/2005
Entry Number: 28
Entry by: Peter Driffield
'bout bloody time too !! Mind you, all this colour and movement means diddlysquat if we can't hear those guitars wailing, so let's have less publishing, and MORE BLOODY GIGS !!! ok? Cheers Driff

Monday, 06/06/2005
Entry Number: 27
Entry by: Jackie Love
Love your site Pete ! ...awsome! All the best for your CD launch-sounds massive! lotsa love

Monday, 06/06/2005
Entry Number: 26
Entry by: Stephen Digby
Great site, Peter - well done - look forward to catching up soon

Monday, 06/06/2005
Entry Number: 24
Entry by: Chris Brooks
The website looks awesome, well done webmaster. Pete's a huge talent and I've gained a lot of inspiration from him in both musical and career-based aspirations. Chris Brooks

Monday, 06/06/2005
Entry Number: 23
Entry by: Mystery Guest
you're hot

Sunday, 05/06/2005
Entry Number: 21
Entry by: Peter Northcote
Thanks Lib. Youre doing a great job! Now about those 40 basses you should get. You know you want them! Ahh but then you wouldn't stop at just 40.....then you'd want 40 amps, and 40 gigs and 40 songs each gig, and it would just rain for 40 days and nights and then you'd turn 40 and...and....

Saturday, 04/06/2005
Entry Number: 20
Entry by: Libby
Hi there Pete, you rock god! Just making an inaugaural entry & checking things work.

By the way, my advice to you as an up and coming young player is simply to practice and perserve - one day you might be able to manage a song or 2 on your forty odd guitars. Hmm, I only need 3 basses.