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Thursday, 09/02/2006

Check out an interview iI did recently for Hullabaloo Music.

Wednesday, 08/02/2006

The Sunday gig at the Bridge is my saving grace. We have such a great time down there. Its the perfect combination. Great band, Amazing audience and great sound. (ohh the Coronas are cold too). If you havent been yet, you should just once. You'll be addicted like the rest of us. We are doing the "Songs From The Hat" thing where you can write on the back of a coaster a song you would like us to play the next week. So far its been FLESH FOR FANTASY, STRAWBERRY KISSES (Nikky Webster) ITCHYCO PARK, IF YOU DONT KNOW ME BY NOW, BABY ITS YOU (Promises) and this week we do KASHMIR by LED ZEP.

Wednesday, 08/02/2006

ohh RED PHOENIX is no more. Sorry about that folks. It was destined to the end! Still it was a lot of fun and a great band.

Wednesday, 08/02/2006

Its been a good couple of days. Mum is in rehab and learning to cope with life in a wheelchair. Its amazing watching her gain some control again and an inspiration see someone 75yrs old going for it. Although walking wont be an option, its incredible to see how she is learning to get herself in and out of bed, gain control of some of the muscles she hasn't used for 4 months and take everyday as it comes without being a victim. She really is wonderful. Everyone in that place (The Spinal Rehab Ward of POW) has a story to tell. I met an 18yr old guy and his mother in the gym the other day. He was having some help stretching and eventually walked over to his mum to pick up a drink of water. I couldn't really see what his disability was. I asked his mum what had happened. She told me that 12months ago he fell over the handle bars of his bike and broke his neck. Quadriplegic means only the head moves (if that). he couldn't even breathe by himself. After 4 months he took his first steps and now has moved back home and is back at school part time. He apparently rode his bike again the other day. There is another guy there 60ys old that is a quad who dived into 18inches of water and broke his neck 30 yrs ago. He has only his head to steer his electric wheelchair and a button on his bed that he can roll his face onto to ask for the nurse. He has worked full time and lives a happy life. He's only in there because he has a bedsore. Amazing. I am being enlightened every day with such simple things. Life has taken a turn, for the better. Its exciting and im looking forward to more.

Friday, 20/01/2006

what is this thing we do? Music. Why is it so complex and why am I so concerned about how I may miss out? My God. How my life has changed in the last few months. I accept it all, but cant help feeling helpless about who I am and how I cant ease my mums pain. How can I be a better guitarist. Why do I feel so inadequate when I hear someone else play. There are many emotions in me going bezerk atm. I laugh really hard and cry silently alone. I don't need it to change, in fact I need nothing at all. I would ,however, like to understand it all a bit better. To complete the acceptance of what HAS to be accepted. We are all striving for something. Mostly Love. Only Love. Always thinking its outside of us. Or at least, better somewhere else. When Love is something we feel inside ourselves. Not something we need to long for. It is happening right now. Insecurities hurt! A song by Jessie and me.

Saturday, 10/12/2005

Ok, I'm sorry. I've been very slack with blogging. Its been a crazy time. My mum is in hospital and was very sick. She's coming together slowly now but it will be a long road to recovery. She is amazing! So that coupled with working my little ring off, its been difficult to finish the next album. Its almost done. I just have to find a few free days so I can smooth off any rough edges. I'm going to post a few MP3's so you can have a listen to some of the new songs. You'll find them here. Happy listening. Let me know what you think. Cheers. Pete

Thursday, 07/07/2005
CD launch

New pics from Basement CD launch are now up.

Sunday, 03/07/2005
RED PHOENIX EP LAUNCH this friday 8th

I have some FREE tickets for this Friday at the METRO. Anyone that can promose me they will be there is welcome to a FREE ticket. Email me ASAP and ill get them out to you.

Monday, 27/06/2005
CD launch

Wow. Thank you so much to all of you for coming to the gig. I honestly thought id see about 50 people in the audience. Not 300 +. I had so much fun and I hope we can do it all again soon. I promise I wont ever get into the 'Me Syndrome'. (you know...that shit where im so happy to be loved by you and ME!) What about the band(s) huh? Amazing bunch of musicians. Lloyd G, Dario Bortolin, Natasha Stuart, Andre Kaman, Dieter Klieman, Les Rankin, Pete Drummond, Duffo, Kere Buchanan (birthday boy), Nick Sinclair, Lenny Marks, Doc Neeson, Jim Hillbourne, David Lowy, Fab Omodia, rehearsal! Also, Chris Myjinski, Dave Haddad, Leslie Merideth, Beth Obrien (the Shark Girl) and Clint Braddick. I thank you again for all your support. I love playing guitar for you. Pete

Sunday, 26/06/2005

Just back from 3 days away with Red Phoenix. ALBURY, YASS, SUSSEX INLET. A few warm up gigs to get us ready for Adelaide on Thursday and METRO (Sydney) Friday 8th. Now, Jim came up with a name for our mini tour. Albury Wadonga in Yass while I let you Sussex from my Inlet. "Figure that out"!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 09/06/2005

Geeeez, ever tried to organise 14 musicians in one place at one time? I feel for you Kez, Duffo, and the bloke that did DEEP PURPLE - IN CONCERT WITH THE LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA!!!!

Tuesday, 07/06/2005

Ohh, i wanted to say a BIG thank-u to ROB COX for all his brilliant photography work. The STUDIO shots look great as does everything else he's done.....(he's promised to destroy the video and pics he got me to star in when i was young and stupid!!!)

Sunday, 05/06/2005
6 JUNE 2005

Well here it is. The new webpage. Thanks Libby Bee. Thanks also to everyone who emailed me after the GUITAR SHOW seminar last Sunday. Please say hello on the GUESTBOOK. And keep coming back as the site is still under construction. I'm in full time rehearsal mode atm. RED PHOENIX (with Doc Neeson) 4 times a week. (EP launch at the METRO in Sydney on the 8th July). My CD (CONDITIONS APPLY) launch at the BASEMENT on the 27th JUNE. Anyway, have a look around and ill get back to you soon. Cheers Pete