Pete's Biography

"I started playing at age 9. I took lessons for 6mths at the same time as taking tennis lessons. I was eventually told by my parents to choose one or the other. I took guitar, my brother (Tony) took tennis.

I kept playing and eventually went to Bradmans Music Studios in Rockdale where I began lessons with Vince Lombardo, who was ultimately the most important influence in my career. He introduced me to many styles of music and ever got me as a Junior Teacher. I used to win "Best Guitar Student" there every year. (It must have been the cakes my mum made for them)!

[ Peter - 9 years old ]

Throughout high school, I started playing in bands and then wedding receptions, (mostly as a bass player). After leaving school I worked in many music shops as a teacher, while constantly playing in cover bands and reception bands. It snowballed from there. One thing led to another and I started working in touring bands like Richard Clapton, Dragon, Darryl Braithwaite, Rick Price, Margaret Urlich, The Monkeys. etc etc.

In '86, I started doing sessions. I continue to do them today simply because I love that kind of work. It's a total focus and it allows me to be creative every day. I love playing live and I know I'll never stop doing gigs. I so enjoy the small pub gigs I do. I get to play my butt off. And thats what its all about!

My influences are as diverse as my styles. From Hendrix to all the "Steves" (Via, Luke, Morse, Hackett, Howe, etc) Zappa, Landau, Nuno."

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